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Skilled Exploratory Testing

Skilled Exploratory Testing

Skilled Exploratory Testing this is the first testing workshop attended by me . This happened in Chennai – March 27 and the speaker is none other than the highly spoken Pradeep Soundararajan.
We started off with few basic questions, like what is testing ? Immediately came the answer, to check if the application meets the requirements. Something simillar was answered by everyone in the workshop without questioning or thinking.  After waiting for everyone to answer The next question shooted at us was, what is software testing ? This made me think infact laugh at my self when i gave the answer assuming testing means software testing. This was a message i got that there is no assumption while testing a software.
After this few other questions were ,
1. What is manual testing ?
2. What are the deliverables of a tester ?
3. What value does a testers add to a team ?
4. What value does a team of testers add to your project ?
All questions had n number of answers from n number of people. This proved what a mess we are in with a single question having so many assumptions by so many people. All the above questions are real good examples to prove the importance of questioning. Testing without questioning and based on assumptions may prove fatal was the first learning at the start of the workshop.
Next in line was how testing and checking make a difference to the growth of testers. Checking is a something which can be automated and which does not require any human skills and brain whereas testing requires human skills and test ideas to be generated. Its painful to know that some companies recruit test engineers to check their product by giving check cases which mentions even the micro details thats seen when the testers navigates in the application, thereby limiting his/her learning and exploring capabilities.
After a initial set of discussions we had a few exercises in finding bugs :). The moment we hear the word find bugs what do we do ?? …. Yes you are right, open the application and start testing and this is exactly what i did.  Now whats wrong in doing this ?
The following might be the problems that could be faced,

1. Not paying attention to the full requirement might make us not achieve what is actually required and we would end up wasting our time.
2. Not questioning the requirement, for example we might be testing a product not knowing who the end user is, which again is a threat to release the application.
3. Not spending few minutes to understand the application.
4. Not exploring the application for clues or logs that could help us in testing.
5. Not thinking out of the box for test ideas and planning the testing activity.
And many more…
What I learnt after the testing session ,

1. Difference between Symptoms and Problems.
2. Adavantage of using Heuristics and Oracles.
3. Simple tools like testersdesk.com and some perl clip scripts.
4. What is Session Based Test Management (SBTM) and how to implement SBTM.
The workshop on the whole was a great place to meet fellow testers from / in chennai and share our thoughts about testing. I felt many such workshops and meetings should happen and more knowledge should be shared about testing in Chennai. (I am jealous about testers in Bangalore). This workshop was not the kinds that speaks about regular testing, but something different wherein you could learn the other aspects of testing which is not seen in testers everyday life. Also learnt that the more we discuss the more you can extract from a person.

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