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Hunting Bugs!! CWT Session 3

First of all sorry for the delay in revealing the CWT session 3 report had been on a very tight schedule lately. The Session 3 had a fantastic response and the discussion was really helpful for all the participants in this session.  We also had people who had submitted the report but could not attend the session.

Application Tested: http://motismo.com (A project tracking application)

Testers: Bharath , Santhosh , Krishnaveni , Indra Karan , Gunjan Sethi , Pratiksha , Suguna

Mission : Hunt for Bugs

As usual the testing part of the mission was informed well in advance and the discussion happened on Sunday 12.00 p/m.  The discussion went really interesting that we exceeded the 1 hr schedule.There were a few testers who could not take up the testing mission due to personnel reasons so they had to do a testing and discussion session parallely.

The discussion started with Gunjan as she had to leave early , She highlighted the unavailability of help  file on describing few site related terminologies and also she had faced an interesting issue where the screen went blank on registration. Interestingly no one had noticed the captcha missing in the registration page 🙂 and we discussed the importance of having a captcha in the page .

Next it was Krishnaveni who thought the application could have been more user friendly and stressed that the application missed putting in appropriate error message for validations. Krishnaveni  finished off her sharing by saying that she could have done better if she had understood the application and planned her testing mission much better.

Karan though could not do his testing before hand but managed to handle both the discussion and the testing parallely. Karan had a doubt on the market value of the application as he felt the application was not very user friendly. But I feel that the market value of an product is not important to an tester its important that what ever product is given to a tester He/She should test it to the best of their ability. Karan had also had some interesting bug , His credentials got expired which he had registered a day before and when he hit the lost password and gave his email id the application popped out an email id not found message. Karan finished of his discussion saying that he had a great time in this discussion and had learnt something new.

Pratiksha also had to manage her testing and discussion time parallely as she came to know about the session just few hours before the session. Pratiksha felt the application looked very rich in its UI so she had the feeling the amount of bugs would be less, But as the famous saying goes, Do not judge the book with its cover proved rite.

Next it was Santhosh , He found that he is capable of finding bugs in a very short time period and generate test ideas for testing without any proper documents which was not the case in his testing missions usually.

Then it was me, You can find my report here.

The overall experience in this discussion was very good and we all discussed about a common bug which we found which is mailers not being sent to users while registering and lack of information of  account active period.

My learning

1. Managing people in a group chat and keeping the new comers informed about the mission and discussion.

2. Not to judge the application with its rich UI.

3. Implementation of heuristics.

4. Concentrating on one mission and taking care not to divert from the mission completely.


~ Bharath



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Weekend Testing- Chennai Chapter (CWT-2)

Hi All,

We are back after a successful second session. This time the session happened in a different way as many testers had other appointments.

How did the session happen…

The mission and the application to be tested was given given before hand and the report was asked to be submitted before 04/10/09, 2.00 p.m. This helped many testers who could not come online.

Application Tested : http://www.izzymenu.com/ this is an CSS menu builder.

Testers : Ajay Balamurugadas, Bharath, Krishnaveni,  Parimala Shankaraiah

The application seemed to be an interesting application, But my mind set again made me to search for functional bugs even though i wanted to investigate on the numbers and see the behavior in the application. I had also tested for cross browser compatibility using browser shot and it did have some compatibility issues.

Please find the reports of the participants of the Chennai Weekend Testing Session – 2

You can find my report here.

Ajay’s Report here

Krishnaveni’s report Here to view this report open in scribd, login and download the report. The report is not seen clearly as it is in Excel.

Parimala’s report here

Thanks everyone for your active participation for the CWT Session -2.

~ Bharath


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CTUG to CWT!!!

Hi All

Finally the surprise news is out !!

I am very happy that Chennai Testers User Group which started as a user group to share testing ideas has shaped into a group where testers participate in testing missions. The user group is joining hands with weekendtesting.com and henceforth shall be called as CHENNAI WEEKEND TESTERS and we will be the chennai chapter for weekendtesting.com

To know more about weekendtesting.com and what do they do click here

Soon Chennai Weekend Testers will have space in weekendtesting.com and all information’s regarding Chennai testing sessions will be available in weekendtesting.com

Expecting great support from all testers joining weekendtesting.com (Chennai)

Thank you

~ Bharath

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Finally a logo for Chennai Weekend Testers

I would like to thank all testers who have joined and contributed to the Chennai Testers User Group. CTUG has been recognized and there some interesting happenings around 🙂

Keep Guessing for that surprise … Will keep you posted on that soon 🙂

Oops.. about the logo.. Have come up with a new logo for Chennai Tester User Group.. This has been designed by my wife 🙂 Thanks to her for such a cool design  🙂

Chennai Testers

And to take part in the testing session mail to chennaitesters@gmail.com

Thanks again to everyone involved directly or indirectly in re-starting the Chennai Testers User Group.

~ Bharath

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CTUG Session -1

Date: 27th September 2009
Product Tested: Peazip (Ver – 2.0)

Mission: To find function bugs in the Peazip application.
Tester: Bharath.S
Environment: Windows-XP,SP-3
Applicatin type : Desktop application.

Testing Report:

1. First i started off getting to know about the application as the application was not very intuitive in understanding the functionalities in it. The help file  can be viewed only in the web which required an internet connection. There might be users who would not be able to make use of the help file is they do not have internet connection or if there is some problem with the connection.

2. The application cannot be used only with the keyboard though a few actions could be performed by using the short cuts. The column lines was not visible which had an option of stretching the column size to what ever size the user needs, This feature was not intuitive.

3. When more than one file is selected and right clicked and the option Add to Separate Archive is chosen, For every file a separate archive is opened, the only  way to add multiple file is to drag and drop the file(s) in the peazip which is opened.

4. Select a file in peazip and  click on File -> File Tools – >Erase file This opens up a new window asking to choose a files to be deleted, which is confusing. Users would be performing this action having in mind that the file selected would be deleted.

file erase1 5. When a file in the peazip is selected and right clicked and File Tools -> Erase file option is selected the files gets erased from the peazip and also from the hard disk.

6. Select a file in the peazip and right click and choose File Tools -> Join , This pops up a alert as well inserts a 0(zero)Kb byte file in the hard disk. This behavior of dumping crap files in users hard disk would not be accepted by anyone.join file1

7. When a  file not supported by peazip was uploaded there was an alert which said file type is not supported but can be configured by clicking on the Options tab, But the options tab was not available or i was not able to get the tab.

pwd file not visible

8. Found an interesting bug wherein when a particular type of file was opened the file was not visible in the peazip application but on right click the peazip options were seen and could be performed. Could not investigate more on this issue rite now.




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Chennai User group!!

Hi All

Welcome to Chennai Testers User Group. This initiative of mine came from my office colleagues who are successfully managing a Chennai flex user group, immediately i searched for a chennai testing

user group and found one,but wasn’t very happy about it. This led to the starting of Chennai Testers user group, but this group has been idle for quiet some time.

Recently joined the BWT(Banglore weekend Testers) about which i have already blogged. Having had a many interesting and learning sessions my thought and confidence about making the chennai testers user group more active grew. so here i am blogging about the chennai testers user group.

To subscribe to the user group click here

To join in the weekend testing activies email to chennaitesters@gmail.com. Passionate testers in this group will be involved in many interactive testing activities of different kind of


There is also a user group blog which will be worked upon to be more informative.

looking forward for great testing sessions in chennai testers user group.

My Thanks to Ajay , Parimala of Bangalore Weekend Testers (BWT) for their support.




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Why-Why Analysis

This is not post which will say why to do an analysis if at all you are confused with the title :).

I wanted to post this after a discussion with one of my friend regarding bug analysis method followed in his organization.

Let me start it straight..

Kaizen is a Japanese term which means continuous improvements, In this method various techniques are followed like Pareto diagram , fish bone diagram , why why analysis etc.., These techniques help us in narrowing down to the root cause of the issue and find a permanent solution for eliminating the cause.

The step by step approach for the above technique is as follows:

Step-1 : List down all the critical issues faced during the project period.

Step-2 : Analyze which issue topped the chart i.e which issue contributed the major percentage.

These two steps are done using the Pareto diagram.

Step-3 : For that particular issue find out the various possible reasons that could have been a cause for the issue and analyze on every reasons.

Step-4 : Narrow down on the cause of the issue.

The above two steps are done using the fish bone diagram.

Step-5 : Now with the analyzed data , gather your team and draw a why why diagram and there you are with your solution.

Step-6 : Find a permanent fail proof solution for the reason found out.

Step-7 : Document your finding and data analyzed.

This method is popular in manufacturing industries. Interesting to know that this method has also been accepted in the software industry.  This analysis is done every month such that there is some continuous improvement in the process and the number of defects also gets reduced, This is a starting phase for zero defect and attaining 6sigma certification.

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Bug which bugged me !

I faced a really weird situation in  “‘H” ,  never have i come across one like this. I was testing for a login page which had two image ,

1. H image and

2. E image.

I had some interesting plugins in the browser too , (you will know why i mentioned about my plugin as you read on )

when i opened this index page i was able to see both the image , but it so happened that when i refreshed the page , i was suprised to see the E image had dissappered , as a tester i was excited that i found a bug , but wait a min , it happened only in FF and only in my system (Interesting isnt it ? ). We had to release the page after testing in another pc  which did not have any such issues.

The next day , i was testing a bug fix were the level in the UI and drop down should be same. i noticed that when i opened it the level were not changing, the ajax file was not getting called , again i thought, it was bug , BINGO , the same problem. This happened only in firefox and only in my system.

i was thinking for sometime and tried opening in firefox safe mode ( this does not have any plugin in it) , i opened the index page which had both the image and when i refreshed it was fine. and the next issue , it also worked fine. I remembered once reading in my official mail that disable the firebug , it will work fine. i tried the same in my normal FF but it was the same. Then i disabled my plugins and restarted my FF , and SUPRISE eveything was working fine. i wanted to find which plug in made my FF work so stupd and made a fool of me. got to analyse on  that , but as of now have enabled onl my firebug and testing hapilly.

where could the issue be , 1. plug in 2. Browser or 3, Anything else. ???

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Experience with BWT

Wondering what is BWT , Its Bangalore weekend Testers, Here a group of passionate testers come together and test an application, The testers meet online on Gtalk.  I happened to stumble upon Ajay’s blog and got my self registered to the weekend testing mailer list.

So my first testing session with the BWT team was on

Date: Sunday 13′ September 2009

Time: 5.00 to 7.00

Application Tested : Map section in bing.com

Approach: Systematic Approach

Learning: After the testing session we were discussing the different approach everyone had followed during testing, This was a classic example to prove how testing a same application by different people with different ideologies can be helpful. So a tester should be a person who can think like many testers.

During my discussion time , Ajay asked me  one question, which is, If i would follow the same approach if i had lesser time to test an application ?

I did not answer to Ajay’s question at that time due to various reasons. I would like to answer it now. Here it goes…

My Answer:

According to me systematic approach is best in any situation but it varies in certain situations, i.e..,

If i know the application in and out, Then this approach does not hold good. I would have taken the critical areas and would have tested those areas and if time permits i would have done a exploratory testing of the remaining areas.

If i do not know the functionalities available in the app. i do an exploratory testing to find out the same and then identify the critical scenarios to test it. To perform this task we require time.

So in this situation i preferred testing the functionalities one by one as my target was not to test the application fully but to concentrate on one area and find bugs in that area.

On the whole BWT was fun and lot of learning which is what every professionals require.

to participate in the BWT session send an email to weekendtesting@gmail.com with the subject  BWT <Session Number> Confirmed Participant

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Knowledge is ocean

This was during my initial days in “H”, To become what we aspire not only requires interest but also hardwork and constant learning. These were the words from Ananth for me to become a quality head / Business Analyst.

1. Programming Concepts:

– Styles
– Syntax Outline
# Code Reading
# Web Application Framwork
– Web Service
– Concepts (MVC , RIA)
– Deployment Structure.
# DB – Design Concepts
# SQL / Query
# Scripting Language
– Python
– Ruby
– Java Script

2. Quality:
# What is TQM.
# Bug prioritisation
# Tools
– Bug Tracker
– Reporting and Assigniong the bug.

3. Project Management / development:
# Agile
# Extreme programming
# Scheduling resources
# Commincation’
# Estimation

4.Functional Testing:
# Involvemnet in design phase.
# Requirement
– gathering
– Analysis
# Test case Scenarios

5. Automation Knowledge:
– Functional Testing tool ( Selenium , QTP ect.. )
– Performance testing tool (Load Runner , Jmeter etc.. )

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