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If i don’t write a post about redmine, i am not doing justice to myself, The reason for me saying this you will understand in this post.  When I joined “H” we did not have any issue tracking system nor did we have any project management applications. “A” had asked “M” (An unbelievable developer, i am saying this just by knowing his depth of knowledge:) ) so “M” after his research came up with redmine as a tool which can be used for issue tracking.”M” had done the initial installations and merging with our domain etc… and “K” with tweaking and Db changes.

Let me list down the features that we are using and how we have tweaked redmine to suit our purpose,

1. Projects can be added.

2. Subprojects can be added.

3. Subprojects can be moved across projects and also be made as a main project.

4. logging of issues.

5. Issues can be moved / copied across projects.

6. Issue logging through email.

7. Integrating with our version control (Tortoise SVN in my case).

8. Defining workflow and restricting the use.

9. Defining projects as public and Private.

10. Emailers.

And More….

This implementation has taught me many lessons too . I had suggested to one of the testing consultant and she seemed to like it and here is the link for the credit i got for suggesting redmine.


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