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Bug Life Cycle !!

I was browsing through qualitytesting.info when i came across a post where some one had asked if the bug should be closed if the bug is not reproducible. According to me a bug is closed when the issue is fixed and it works fine, Till then a bug is a bug and cannot be closed.
This is a Bug Life Cycle:

1. A tester finds a bug and reports it in the defect tracking system now the status of the issue is NEW.

2. Now the reported issue is assigned to a developer , Now the status changes to ASSIGNED.

3. The developer checks if the assigned issue is reproducible or not. If its not reproducible (Even by the author of the issue) then the bug status is changed to REJECTED or a comment is put in by the developer that the issue is NON-REPRODUCIBLE.

4. If the issue is reproduced then the issue is fixed , now the status is changed to FIXED.

5. The fixed issue is Re-Tested mostly by the author of the issue and if it works fine the status is changed to CLOSED.

6. If the issue exists then the issue is RE_OPENED.

This  is  the bug life cycle.


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