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Experience with BWT

Wondering what is BWT , Its Bangalore weekend Testers, Here a group of passionate testers come together and test an application, The testers meet online on Gtalk.  I happened to stumble upon Ajay’s blog and got my self registered to the weekend testing mailer list.

So my first testing session with the BWT team was on

Date: Sunday 13′ September 2009

Time: 5.00 to 7.00

Application Tested : Map section in bing.com

Approach: Systematic Approach

Learning: After the testing session we were discussing the different approach everyone had followed during testing, This was a classic example to prove how testing a same application by different people with different ideologies can be helpful. So a tester should be a person who can think like many testers.

During my discussion time , Ajay asked me  one question, which is, If i would follow the same approach if i had lesser time to test an application ?

I did not answer to Ajay’s question at that time due to various reasons. I would like to answer it now. Here it goes…

My Answer:

According to me systematic approach is best in any situation but it varies in certain situations, i.e..,

If i know the application in and out, Then this approach does not hold good. I would have taken the critical areas and would have tested those areas and if time permits i would have done a exploratory testing of the remaining areas.

If i do not know the functionalities available in the app. i do an exploratory testing to find out the same and then identify the critical scenarios to test it. To perform this task we require time.

So in this situation i preferred testing the functionalities one by one as my target was not to test the application fully but to concentrate on one area and find bugs in that area.

On the whole BWT was fun and lot of learning which is what every professionals require.

to participate in the BWT session send an email to weekendtesting@gmail.com with the subject  BWT <Session Number> Confirmed Participant


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