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An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory

Get out of your comfort zone

After having spent my first couple of years in a very comfortable zone, things got really boring as day in and day out I was doing the same thing again and again. I started to think if I am stuck in my current role as a tester and will be stuck doing the same thing through out my career. First thing I did was to google for future of testing and after reading some 100+ articles I started to think if testing was my interest at all.

This is when I first stepped out of my comfort zone which is talking to people within my organisation, outside my organisation, in software, outside software, etc. I got a chance to meet and talk to some wonderful people and the following were their inputs

a. Start reading books, start with any books (not fictional or any novel) see what successful people have done and successful companies have achieved

b. Attend events which are not of testing

c. get to know of products which are not related to testing.

d. Check what you have done in the past for which you have got recognition and you enjoyed doing

e. Read and write blogs

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 5.48.46 PM

This search made my thought process and vision wider and I started to explore moreout of my comfort zone,

i. Worked with a not for profit org and hosted my very own testing conference

ii. Volunteered for UX, Mobile development and many other development related events

iii. Did my MBA in correspondence from Symbiosis

iv. Had my own website to write about Chennai and interesting things happening in Chennai.

v. Started exploring lot of products and started using them to understand them and what problem they were actually solving

vi. Jumped from a very big organisation to start ups

vii. Jumped from product company to services

vii. Got into product management, Delivery and Project management apart from heading the QA

If you are confused about your career, about what you are doing I strongly recommend you to get out of the comfort zone and understand your need and would enjoy and take that risk of even changing your career.


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