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An ounce of practice is better than tons of theory

Do not overlook issues reported by your users

There were many instances where the Ops, dev Team and some times even the testing team would overlook issues and pains reported by their users,We have got so used to using an application we would even know where and how an application will break and will not.

This assumption about the application has been one of the many reason for a buggy release. Also there are instances where the issues reported by the client are often overlooked or assumed that the client has done something wrong.

A typical line said by the ops, tester or developer when a bug is reported by a users are:

  1. Has the client anything weird, it has been working all these months / years
  2. Has the client using the required configuration in which the app will work
  3. This might get resolved when we send out a release later this week. etc etc..

Our first reaction is to blame the user as we are very protective of our app, our code, our testing etc. However when we put ourself into the shoes of the user and understand the reason for reporting this to us, we will start making better products and better releases

The customer is least bothered if you use the latest technology or the worlds top developer, at the end of the day if they are able to achieve what they wanted to do with your app is important, else your users would be looking for other options






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