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Bug-de-bug The Testing Conference

After few initial rounds of discussions on the feasibility and possibility of having a testing conference in Chennai with the RIA-RUI team the Bug debug Conference was decided to happen on Jan 29 2011 which was less than 50 days from the day we decided. Bug deBug is a conference By The Testers, For the Testers and of the testers. This event was initiated by the Chennai Software Testing Group and supported by RIA-RUI.
The main aim of having a low cost conference was to make technology available to all and make everyone understand the importance of attending conference, interaction and networking among professionals and freshers who wants to know about testing and learn as much as possible. Thus was born Bug deBug a conference organized by youngsters and passionate testers.
The registrations started at 9.00 a.m where the participants where given a participation kit containing a folder, notepad, pen, puzzle and brochures given by the event partners. The event was kick started at Sharp 10.00 a.m with the Master of ceremony Mr.Ananth saying “Not all conferences will start in right time and this is not among them”.

The key note speaker for the event was Mr.Vipul Kocher, President, Indian Testing Board. Vipul had his presentation on “Present problems and future solutions” his views on this topic can be seen here http://www.slideshare.net/riarui/bug-debug-keynotepresentproblemsfuturesolutions204. The session was very interactive and the entire crowd of testers where throwing questions at Vipul and had a very active start.
Following vipul it was Narayan Raman who presented on the topic “Economical, Robust Web Automation using Sahi”. Narayan highlighted the ease of use of Sahi and compared Sahi and selenium with their respective pros and cons. This was followed by a detailed demo on sahi which made understanding of the tool much easier and interesting. Detailed presentation of sahi can be seen here http://www.slideshare.net/riarui/narayan-raman.
After two continuos presentation there was a break of 20 minutes for tea and snacks which gave a chance to all the participants to interact with testers from other organization and also with Bug deBug speakers. Many participants who wanted to meet renowned testers in India had a chance to do so during the recess period. After a refreshing break Ananth announced various competitions which was available during the event.  The competitions were ,
1. Best Testing Tip

2. Good Question Contest

And also as a social cause Bug deBug collected money for chandru a tester ailing from Blood Cancer. Pradeep requested everyone to donate liberally for this cause. The team has a separate box for Chandru doing its rounds during the event.
The next session was of Pradeep Soundararajan. Pradeep presented on the topic “Notes from a problem solving tester consultant”. Which was very cheerful and had the entire crowd was roaring in laughter. Many testers questioned him on various problems. Pradeep linked testing with cricket analogies which made the entire presentation much more interesting. More information on pradeeps presentation can be seen here http://www.slideshare.net/riarui/notes-from-a-problem-solving-tester-consultant.
The final presentation for the morning session was that of Ruturaj Doshi who presented on “smarter ways of doing Selenium Automation(Functional Test Automation)”. Ruturaj stressed on automation starters using selenium IDE which is a firefox entension and went on to explain the pros and cons of selenium and its uses. Many testers who wanted to start with automation were keen on talking to Ruturaj after the conference. More information on this presentation can be found here http://www.slideshare.net/riarui/smarter-ways-to-do-selenium-automation-work.
After a heavy biriyani and sandwich, people took time to put in more testing tips in the board and also network with many speakers. One could see testers around every speaker trying to get their doubts clarified and trying to extract more answers to their questions.
The first session after lunch break was on “The Emerging Trend of Cloud Computing and Software Testing” by Anuj Magazine where Anuj spoke on how one can use cloud as a source of test environment and how when planned properly testing on cloud is cost effective. More information about this presentation can be found here http://www.slideshare.net/riarui/the-emergence-of-cloud-computing-and-software-testing.
The next session was followed by  Ajay Balamurugadas on the topic “I am the Bug Hunter”. Ajay’s presentation interested many freshers as they wanted to know how they can learn and make testing their career. Ajay also highlighted that assumptions are bad for any tester. Instead of assuming, when we question more on the topics where we have doubts one would have more clarity on the task to be done. Ajay instead of talking in the podium got down and was walking among the audience and answering questions put forward to him. This kept the audience more alert after a heavy lunch. More information on Ajay’s presentation can be found here http://www.slideshare.net/riarui/i-am-the-bug-hunter
After again breaking for a recess Ananth gave a final announcement for putting up testing tips and started of with the next presentation by Praveen Singh on “Testing at Startups”. We could see many participants from start-up companies very much interested in this topic. This topic also kept the freshers informed on how a testing cycle might be in start ups. Praveen stressed on what happens to a tester when his skills are low and one does not do anything to improve it. More information on this topic can be seen here http://www.slideshare.net/riarui/testing-at-startups

When the announcement was made that the best Testing Tip would win a prize we could see the testing tip board full. The best tips were taken from the board and selected by the speakers and 3 prizes for the best testing tip was given. The next contest was a raffles where participants had to do a puzzle and tear the bottom part of the puzzle containing their name name and emai id, winners were choosen randomly and ria-rui bags were given as prizes. Prize money was given to winners of online testing competition which was conducted in 99tests.com. The winners are 1st Place: Sudhamshu Ailineni , 2nd Place: Deep Verma , 3rd Place: Krishnaveni.
The most interesting and interactive session in the event was the Q&A session where all the speakers were asked to sit on the podium and all the participants where free to question any speaker. The best question or the question which was answered by more than two speakers were awarded fabulous books like Lessons Learned in Software Testing and Six Thinking Hats. This session took many by surprise as none of the conference had given the liberty to participants to ask questions for one full hour.
Finally the event closed down with the organizing team thanking the speakers, participants, volunteers for a very grand and successful event. Finally the team behind Bug deBug and its volunteers were introduced with of course lots of camera clicks.

I should also take this opportunity to thank RIA-RUI who gave the support to make this dream come true in chennai. RIA-RUI is a Society for “Rich Internet Application” – “Rich User Interface” a not for profit organization promoting congregation of ideas & knowledge in the field of RIA and RUI. The society is working hard to bring high quality technical events to India by partnering with local and international organizations for the benefit of the local technical community and students.
Ananth, Bala, Sathish, Karan, Umesh, Jackson and Bharath make the core team of Bug deBug. This team had penned down all the detailed tasks that has to be done and taken care that the team did not have any major work just before the conference.

Thanks to the volunteer team who were a great support and were with us all the time. Hearty thanks to Venkatesan Kannan, Sakthihasan kannan, Krishnaveni, Amudha Saravanan, Praveen Kumar Cherukuru, Parthiban Palanivel, SelvaPrabhu Palanivel, Subramanian Anantharaman, Raghavendran Narayanan, Anandakrishnamurthy ramasamy, Gopalsamy kannan, Narasimha Reddy, Vinothkumar Ganesan, Santhanakumar vivekananthan and Ravi Surya. If I have missed anyone i am are really sorry and it is not intentional (Put a comment to get your name added).


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  1. Thanks Krishnaveni. Looking forward to having more Bug deBug conference throughout India and support of passionate testers like you.

    Comment by Bharath | February 4, 2011 | Reply

  2. Hi Bharath,
    The blog post is very well written and it neatly highlights every detail happened at the conference.

    The inclusion of pictures further enhances the memories of the conference. It was a very informative event materialised by you. Thanks to you and the entire Bug deBug team. Kudos to you all ! 🙂

    Comment by Krishnaveni | February 3, 2011 | Reply

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