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Bandwidth Throttling for testing

Not every one has the luxury of using  high bandwidth connections, you can witness and see the difference in the internet connection speed in your office and the one at home. These variations which we see at home, office etc depends on the bandwidth we have or can afford to have.

To know more about bandwidth throttling click here.

Its important to take care that our application performs reasonably good in different bandwidth, To check this we cannot afford time and money to go to places where we can  test for different bandwidth, The solution for this is the reason for this post.

I am not going to explain how these add-on / tools work but will be just sharing these add-on / tools in this post.

I had put forward a query in twitter if anyone knows any tools or ideas to test the application performance under different bandwidth,

Rob Lambert shared a proxy tool which u can find it here. So this led me to ask people if there are any other tools which they use so that i can evaluate the tool which suits my purpose and use it,  I did a quick google and stumbled upon a firefox add-on which can be found here.

Both the tool seems to be cool but the FF add-on was easier to install and run my application for different bandwidth 🙂

If you have any idea’s  or tools or anything informative to share regarding bandwidth throttling please do share .




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Observation, A skill every testers needs

After a short gap CWT had its 6th session where a game was played to test the observational skill of testers. Observation plays a vital role for every tester, a tester has to observe each and every behavior of the application and reports issues if any.

This was the game played in CWT 6. The mission was to get the highest score in 30 min. All the testers felt that the game was really cool and would help all the testers. I managed to find few methods to crack the game and get 250 points.

Methods to crack the game were,

1. Using browser back and front button before submitting and get 10 points.

2. Using browser back and front button after submitting and get more  points for the same question.

3. Using firebug to change the score.

My learnings:

1. I felt my observation skill was OK and have still more to improve on that skill.

2. The patience to observe , remember, answer was not there once I found the way to crack the game.

3. How changing of requirements affected testers who started testing and did not check for any change in requirement in the middle of their testing.

4. Managing people and also scoring points within the time period.



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