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Hunting Bugs!! CWT Session 3

First of all sorry for the delay in revealing the CWT session 3 report had been on a very tight schedule lately. The Session 3 had a fantastic response and the discussion was really helpful for all the participants in this session.  We also had people who had submitted the report but could not attend the session.

Application Tested: http://motismo.com (A project tracking application)

Testers: Bharath , Santhosh , Krishnaveni , Indra Karan , Gunjan Sethi , Pratiksha , Suguna

Mission : Hunt for Bugs

As usual the testing part of the mission was informed well in advance and the discussion happened on Sunday 12.00 p/m.  The discussion went really interesting that we exceeded the 1 hr schedule.There were a few testers who could not take up the testing mission due to personnel reasons so they had to do a testing and discussion session parallely.

The discussion started with Gunjan as she had to leave early , She highlighted the unavailability of help  file on describing few site related terminologies and also she had faced an interesting issue where the screen went blank on registration. Interestingly no one had noticed the captcha missing in the registration page 🙂 and we discussed the importance of having a captcha in the page .

Next it was Krishnaveni who thought the application could have been more user friendly and stressed that the application missed putting in appropriate error message for validations. Krishnaveni  finished off her sharing by saying that she could have done better if she had understood the application and planned her testing mission much better.

Karan though could not do his testing before hand but managed to handle both the discussion and the testing parallely. Karan had a doubt on the market value of the application as he felt the application was not very user friendly. But I feel that the market value of an product is not important to an tester its important that what ever product is given to a tester He/She should test it to the best of their ability. Karan had also had some interesting bug , His credentials got expired which he had registered a day before and when he hit the lost password and gave his email id the application popped out an email id not found message. Karan finished of his discussion saying that he had a great time in this discussion and had learnt something new.

Pratiksha also had to manage her testing and discussion time parallely as she came to know about the session just few hours before the session. Pratiksha felt the application looked very rich in its UI so she had the feeling the amount of bugs would be less, But as the famous saying goes, Do not judge the book with its cover proved rite.

Next it was Santhosh , He found that he is capable of finding bugs in a very short time period and generate test ideas for testing without any proper documents which was not the case in his testing missions usually.

Then it was me, You can find my report here.

The overall experience in this discussion was very good and we all discussed about a common bug which we found which is mailers not being sent to users while registering and lack of information of  account active period.

My learning

1. Managing people in a group chat and keeping the new comers informed about the mission and discussion.

2. Not to judge the application with its rich UI.

3. Implementation of heuristics.

4. Concentrating on one mission and taking care not to divert from the mission completely.


~ Bharath



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