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Bug which bugged me !

I faced a really weird situation in  “‘H” ,  never have i come across one like this. I was testing for a login page which had two image ,

1. H image and

2. E image.

I had some interesting plugins in the browser too , (you will know why i mentioned about my plugin as you read on )

when i opened this index page i was able to see both the image , but it so happened that when i refreshed the page , i was suprised to see the E image had dissappered , as a tester i was excited that i found a bug , but wait a min , it happened only in FF and only in my system (Interesting isnt it ? ). We had to release the page after testing in another pc  which did not have any such issues.

The next day , i was testing a bug fix were the level in the UI and drop down should be same. i noticed that when i opened it the level were not changing, the ajax file was not getting called , again i thought, it was bug , BINGO , the same problem. This happened only in firefox and only in my system.

i was thinking for sometime and tried opening in firefox safe mode ( this does not have any plugin in it) , i opened the index page which had both the image and when i refreshed it was fine. and the next issue , it also worked fine. I remembered once reading in my official mail that disable the firebug , it will work fine. i tried the same in my normal FF but it was the same. Then i disabled my plugins and restarted my FF , and SUPRISE eveything was working fine. i wanted to find which plug in made my FF work so stupd and made a fool of me. got to analyse on  that , but as of now have enabled onl my firebug and testing hapilly.

where could the issue be , 1. plug in 2. Browser or 3, Anything else. ???


September 18, 2009 - Posted by | bug |

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